Creatine with high pH

 Creatine is one of the most discussed and debated topics in the world of sports. There have been so many articles on the subject that it would be pretty much complicated to say something new or unexpected. However, for this article to be complete and relevant, I will have to bother you with some little introduction about creatine, what it is, how to use it properly and stuff like that.
For starters, creatine is by far the most famous sports supplement, but also it has the most studies, many medical studies being written on this product. It's an efficient product that anyone can enjoy, because its benefits can be easily felt and seen. The main effects are: more energy and muscle volume. By more energy, we understand that it helps us produce more ATP (energy produced by cells), especially during anaerobic exercises. And volumizing reffers to muscle cell hydration, or in other words, muscle cells retain a certain amount of water that gives them volume, which will help increase the strength, but also decreases the chances of injuries. So in short: creatine gives you more energy during training and a bonus of strength.
 But really, what is creatine? Creatine is also produced in our body, consisting of three amino acids: arginine, glycine and methionine. To cover your daily creatine requirement only from food, you would have to eat at least 700g of beef meat per day, equivalent to about 3.5g of creatine. So the easiest solution is to buy a creatine supplement. Much easier and more convenient, both as time, effort and money. Creatine should not be missing from your shopping list.
However, many who don’t know that much about this product, spread myths (or in other words broscience) about creatine, things like it is harmful, that it’s possible hurting you, fatten you, destroys your kidneys or liver and many other insane myths promoted by those who don’t know the subject at all, but like speaking about it nevertheless. As long as creatine it’s used at the recommended dosage, it won’t have the slightest side effect, but it could even have benefits, for example, for heart, brain, it can even help kidney function. Obviously, taken in excess, can cause problems, but what in this world, in excess, doesn’t harm us, including water (if you go over a certain level, you can even die because kidney nephrons have a filtering limit).
 Well, now that we talked about the recommended dosage, which is anywhere between 3 and 5g every day when you have workouts, ideally after the workout, and when you don’t have workout in that day, whenever you have time or remember to take it. That's all we need. Another myth is the loading phase. You don’t need loading phase, it is absolutely useless and even, it can become harmful. Creatine increases its muscle deposits with each administration, so you can forget about the loading phase. Another myth, creatine needs cyclization. I don’t personally understand how this myth came up, you can take creatine as long as you want, you have time or want to take it, and so on. An interesting thing about creatine is that the best time to take creatine is immediately after training, rather than before. Although the differences aren’t that significant, studies have shown that it is better taken after the workout, and this has a logic to it. Before you start your training, your internal deposits of creatine in the muscles are intact, because you haven’t started training yet and during this training, you start using a small portion of the deposits and enjoy the benefits of creatine, and finally, when you're done with the workout, you will use a creatine supplement to refill this deposits in your muscles. Logic, isn’t it? You will see that many supplements companies use creatine in their preworkout products, and there is nothing wrong with this, as I said, the differences are not significant, and the logic behind putting creatine into preworkouts is the fact that you want to keep your customers, as a company, and some customers just like for their preworkout to contain creatine, so companies are complying, just so that they won’t lose clients. Another myth is that it isn’t good to consume creatine along with caffeine. The logic of those who say this starts on the premise that caffeine has a diuretic effect and creatine retains water in your muscle cells, so they must be antagonistic from their point of view, but when you consume caffeine you’ll drink more fluids and consuming creatine you’ll also drink more fluids, so both these things cancel that antagonism between the two, and even more, caffeine has a synergistic effect with creatine, helping each other and providing you a more effective workout.
 Now, lets leave behind this brief introduction (I'm not kidding, it's very short, creatine is a very debated subject in the scientific literature, it has little over ... 400 medical studies, so there are literally hundreds of pages written about creatine), and move on.
There are many creatine types on the market ... of all colors, types, granularity, shapes, smells and names. We have the well-known creatine monohydrate, the Creapure from Germany, citrate, liquid creatine, creatine nitrate, creatine phosphate and so on, lots and lots of types, but which is the best? Let's first look at the worst: ethyl ester - which actually doesn’t exist in chemistry, it just instantly turns into creatinine, so the ethyl ester is practically scam. What about the best? The differences are so insignificant that it doesn’t really matter which one is the best, but one thing that I personally would look into when I buy a creatine product that isn’t the ordinary monohydrate, but something a little more special is alkalinity. Creatine is a product that is particularly sensitive to acidity, degradation begins as soon as it gets into the stomach. That's why creatine products that promises to increase your stomach pH or in other words bringing your acidity closer to alkaline, so that you can absorb more creatine from the supplement, protecting creatine from gastric acid. Theoretically, this should be the most elegant solution, so we at Vitabolic, brought you a creatine product that increases the pH significantly and protects creatine of degradation and for this reason it increases its absorption. Practically, without exaggerating too much, this is super-creatine that has increased stability and improved absorption.
 But in life it’s very easy saying whatever you want without backing up your statements, without support or evidence, without arguments or fact, but we are Vitabolic and we have the best quality products based on science and facts, we strive to bring the best possible products, and everything we state it is supported by medical studies and scientific evidence, we don’t give our personal subjective opinions and we don’t leave things at random, but we rely on science. So let's see what science really says.
 As I said, using a strong alkalinizing agent, we can increase creatine absorption, but also decrease its degradation into creatinine in the acidic environment of the stomach. Therefore, following a study you can find here, researchers used three products to compare. The famous monohydrate creatine, the main competitor in the market that uses alkaline creatine and a special mix of creatine with two salts designed to increase the pH, more exactly, 150mg sodium carbonate and 120mg sodium hydrogencarbonate. According to the research, it was observed that the increased stability due to the alkaline environment resulted in a statistically significant improvement in retetion of creatine in the muscles after 4 weeks. About 7% more effective than regular monohydrate creatine and 10% more than the main competitor with alkaline creatine. Leaving the elegance behind, we can safely say that the best-known product with alkaline creatine on the market actually absorbs worse than the usual monohydrate.
 But what we did with Krea-Bolic it is not just about a better and improved creatine absorption by protecting it from the stomach acidity. We also added a very special type of magnesium into the product to give it even a bigger edge, more visible results that one can feel and enjoy, because this is what really matters, to feel the benefits, to feel the product which you use and receive the benefits it promises. Therefore, Krea-Bolic contains both the special salt mixture for pH, but also magnesium bisglycinate, a particular type of magnesium that is naturally bound to two molecules of glycine amino acid. This gives this type of magnesium the maximum absorption in the body, superior to any other form of magnesium available on the market. In short, magnesium is linked to those amino acids and the body is fooled into believing this combination to be an amino acid, a nutrient it knows it needs, so absorption is quick and fairly easy.
Probably you will ask why we put magnesium. The part of why magnesium bisglycinate is the most bioavailable and most absorbable form you probably already understood, but you’re probably also curious why we put magnesium into a creatine product, a alkaline creatine even. Magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral in the human body and is absolutely essential for good functioning of our body and to keep a good health. Magnesium has strong alkaline properties, reducing acidity in the stomach and maintaining creatine fully active in the digestive tract until absorption. Also, as I said, creatine facilitates the production of energy, ATP, in the cell. In order to be able to synthesize ATP, the body needs not only creatine but also magnesium, so Krea-Bolic has a triple synergistic effect, alkalinity from the two added salts, the special mix, but also magnesium, so that the result have even a greater synthesis of ATP, so even more energy.
 So, once again, as I said above and i repeat, Krea-Bolic is actually a super-creatine, an ultra-improved alkaline creatine product with a mix of special salts and magnesium bisglycinate. If you want to buy the best form of creatine that really deserves your money, you've come to the right place. And if you want a product that has behind it real medical studies and scientific evidence, you also came to the right place. We can only offer the best products of the market providing you with arguments, proofs and facts, it will remain at your personal choice if you trust and believe in real science and valid arguments and facts or in marketing, advertising, publicity and beautifully colored and shiny products.

Published on: 03.03.2019